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Tabletop wire twisting machines

Used in:  Automotive • Aerospace • Appliance • Box-build sub-assembly for

               EMI reduction, ease of handling or simply organization.

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The MT.2 (5011-00)

Is a evolved version of our popular long running MT-II model.

The easy to use MT.2 utilizes a simple to enter 4 digit twist counter, variable speed reversing 2500 RPM motor, batch counter and adjustable grip regulator.


single twisting mandrel


double twisting mandrel


double twisting mandrel

The MT.2 comes standard with:

• 2 wire holding collet sizes, 3/16 id and 3/8" id.

• Our standard 4004-00 single two-stage footswitch.

• 6ft power cord.

• Male pneumatic quick disconnect

• Operator manual with part numbers and drawings

(Pn. 5011-00)

(Pn. 5025-00)

(Pn. 5020-00)




Accessories and options available include:

• 2 and 4 inch mandrel/ collet extensions

• Footswitch assemblies for long wires

• 4600-00 Remote Clamp units to hold the loose end of the wire.