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Stormtronics Mini Twister

Tabletop wire twisting machines

 Used in automotive, aerospace, appliance, and other electronic industries

for box-build sub-assembly  •  EMI reduction  •  ease of handling

Several models to choose from...

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Electro-pneumatic series

Uses standard factory air pressure and 110VAC the Electro-pneumatic series are an easy fit for any shop floor.

All Electro-pneumatic wire twsiters come with everything you need in the box to start twisting wire,  2 adapter collets a 3/16" id. and a 3/8" id., a male quick disconnect air fitting, a power cord, a footswitch assembly and a manual as well as a built in air regulator to adjust clamp pressure and a batch counter to keep tract of the number of assemblies completed.

The MT-2250 (5004-00)

Still available after 30 years the MT-2250 is our least expensive unit utilizing a 15 second timer and a variable speed 2500 (max) RPM motor to consistently twist wire assemblies

MT-II image

The MT-II (5011-00)

A evolution of the older style unit the MT-II utilizes a 4 digit programmable turns counter  with the variable speed 2500 (max) RPM motor providing easier setups