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Automatic Wire Strippers

Programmable Wire Strippers 

     The AutoStrip Series

 Pneumatic Automatic Wire Strippers

     Airline Series Automatic Wire Strippers

     Model 1000 Series

     Model 3230 Wire stripper, Bender

2700_airstrip 7400

The AirStrip 2700 can cut and strip solid and stranded conductor wire, and even multi-conductor cable, with a huge variety of insulation types, in sizes ranging from 32 to 8 AWG, max. 0.290 in. O.D. (0.03 to 8.6mm 2 , max. 7mm O.D.). It does this at blinding speeds of up to 10,800 pieces per hour.

Semi-Automatic Wire Strippers 

Model 3751 Wire & Cable Stripper

Model 4850 Automatic Wire Stripper


Wire Markers

  AutoTab Programmable Hot Stamp Wire Markers

 Stand-Alone AutoTab Wire Markers


 Wire Markers

 Basic Machines

 Interface for Ink Jet Markers



 Automatic Wire Stackers

 Automatic Coiling Pan

 Manual Coiling Pan

 Traveling Rack & Dolly (for wire markers)


Tubing and Flat Cable Cutter


Wire Processing Software


Make them even more productive by adding Eubanks accessories like these: Prefeed systems that feed wire to the stripper on demand. Wire stackers that collect the wire as it leaves the stripper. Collector tubes for short wire lengths. Coiling pans for handling long wire. Cabinet bases for supporting the machines and organizing supplies.