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For over 60 years Carpenter Mfg Co., Inc. has been designing and manufacturing quality bench top wire processing equipment.

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model-93 M98-1

Model 930

Model 970

Automatic Measure Cut & Strip

model-72d model-74f

Model 72

Model 74F

model-70d-t model-74f (1) model-78

Model 70D-T

Model 74F

Model 78

model-72d model-77e

Model 72D

Model 77E

Magnet Wire Strippers

model-14b model-27g model-88g

Large Cable Strippers

Model 14B

Model 27G

Model 88G

Material Cutters

model-31 model-33 model-36a model-42c

Model 31

Model 33

Model 36A

Model 42C

model-25f model-62a model-64

Model 25F

Model 62A

Model 64

Coax Cable Strippers

Hook-up Wire Strippers

Wire Strand Twister

Terminal Crimpers

On Demand Wire & Cable Prefeeders

Coiling Units

model-54a model-56a model-58b model-80

Model 54A

Model 56A

Model 58B

Model 80

model-70d flip-s

Model 70D-S


Model 75